Azarel Publishing

began in 1995 as a local indie record label, and restructed into the worldwide digital publisher it is today. We are not another tradional publisher, nor are we interested in reinventing the wheel. Instead, our desire is to align our catalog with modern technologies that will allow growth within internet marketplaces to better meet the needs of the entertainers and customers we serve. Although relatively new in the publishing industry, our team is extensively proficient and zealous about administering first-rate entertainment.

Ebooks are selling in record numbers, plus eliminate the production costs associated with paperback editions.
Audiobooks have become a billion dollar a year add-on that increases book sales and popularity.
Podcasting just works; in fact, 50% of all US homes are podcast fans, and 44% buy and spread the word about products discovered while listening to a podcast.


Digital Distribution allows entertainers an instant platform for marketing new material to a worldwide audience.
Azarel Publishing is Your Digital Voice